Duke Deuce – SPIN – Live Session | Vevo Ctrl.

Between ’95 and ‘09, Outkast, Three 6 Mafia, Lil Jon and other southern rap luminaries improved our quality of life by coming up with the word “crunk,” which is both a genre and state of mind. Some say the big C is now past it prime, but Duke Deuce lobbies otherwise. In 2019 he dropped “Crunk Ain’t Dead.” The breakout track’s success, which included a Lil Jon remix, proved its thesis. Deuce reps the Dirty South, Memphis in particular. His pops was a successful producer/rapper, and you can tell how comfortable Deuce is spitting on a track. Check this performance of “SPIN,” a banger from his new ‘Duke Nukem’ LP. It’s 90 seconds of a flamethrower on full blast.

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