42 Dugg – Maybach – Live Session | Vevo Ctrl.

Isolation helps focus, and it wasn’t until 42 Dugg was in jail for a spell that he began crafting rhymes and learning how to spit. The Detroit rapper behind “4 Da Gang” and “Maybach” developed a fierce style in a short time, and hip-hip heroes took notice just as quickly. The dude born Dion Marquis Hayes currently has deals with both Lil Baby and Yo Gotti, as well as lots of momentum for some next-level advancement. It all started in 2018 with an apology rap to his mom for being a bad boy; then came “The Streets,” which had a cool Baby Face Ray feature and made Motor City’s East Side rap fans fall under his spell. By the time the one-two punch of ‘Young and Turnt’ and ‘Young & Turnt 2’ came down, he’d made a national dent and earned lots of respect in the game. Now ‘Free Dem Boyz’ has arrived, and we invited Dugg to our Brooklyn Ctrl studios to show the world how one man and one mic sounds in 2021. “4 Da Gang” and “Maybach” both hit hard and sizzle with pride.

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