Big Scarr – Grim Reaper – Live Session | Vevo Ctrl

Want a lesson in resilience? Look no further than South Memphis’ own Big Scarr. The newcomer obtained his unique moniker from a horrific car accident that left him laid up in the hospital for days. Around the same time, his grandma, who had raised him, passed away. In 2020, Scarr – whose real name is Alexander Woods – was shot in the hip. These are breaks as tough as they come. But that doesn’t mean you stop grinding. Such is the crux of Scarr’s massive breakout hit “Make A Play.” Reportedly the first song Scarr ever recorded, “Make A Play” was hot in the streets of Memphis last year, making the dude who says “I never seen myself being a rapper” one of the biggest new names in arguably rap’s hottest scene. Soft-spoken in interviews, Scarr’s voice spikes when he’s on the mic. Filling the air with weed smoke and bars off his debut ‘Big Grim Reaper’ album, Mr. Resilient proved here on Ctrl why you never give up. Let “Joe Dirt” and “Grim Reaper” give you that motivation you need.

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